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How can we determine the effects of preventive interventions in the area of Islamist extremism? And how can we facilitate comparability between different interventions and evaluations? EvIs (Evaluation Criteria for the Prevention of Islamism) aims to bring us one step closer to answering these questions by providing a set of standardized criteria for evaluating interventions in the area of Preventing Violent Islamist Extremism. EvIs is a collection of 38 indicators that can be related to processes of turning towards Islamist extremism. They are based on the knowledge of practitioners from different areas of prevention in Germany and can, in principle, be modified by a preventive intervention. Designed as a modular system, EvIs can be tailored to different types of interventions and focuses on the individual development of each participant.

This manual contains the EvIs tool consisting of 38 indicators and gives specific instructions for its application. It also provides information on the development of EvIs and describes its role as a standardized tool in the context of tailor-made evaluations that are appropriate to their target.

You can download the EvIs Manual here. The English version of the corresponding Assessment Protocol is accessible here.