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The German National Center for Crime Prevention (NCCP) is a newly established research institution for evidence based practices in crime prevention. It prepares systematic reviews and research syntheses for selected crime prevention approaches and crime problems, such as sexual offender treatment, juvenile repeated offender rehabilitation, right- and left-wing violence, Hooliganism, and the prevention of violent extremism. As a knowledge broker one of its objectives is to translate research evidence into Information relevant for policy.


In addition to the dissemination of research results the NCCP also carries out evaluation research in particular in areas that lack impact evaluation. One such area is the prevention and countering of violent extremism (CVE) where our understanding of the impact of preventive programs and measures is still very limited despite the significant expansion of programs in many countries.

In 2016 the NCCP was founded following the recommendation of the working group “crime and security” in the Chancellor’s Experts’ Dialogue on Germany’s Future (Experts’ Dialogue) and is currently in a three-year development phase. Organizationally, we are affiliated to the German Forum for Crime Prevention and supported by an advisory committee and a steering group, both composed of representatives from academia, policy, and practice.